Waterproof 5MHz Ultrasonic Face Spa Massager Cordless

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1 5MHz Ultrasonic Massager
1 Charging Stand
1 AC Adapter
1 User Manual

Product Description

Waterproof Cordless 5Mhz Ultrasonic Facial Massager - Home Spa Treatment
Gentle delivery of ultrasound energy provides massage and beneficial effects for the delicate skin and tissues of the face. The high-frequency ultrasound massage warms the layers below the surface. These features bring long-term benefits to the look of the skin. Ultrasound works on cosmetic fluids, subdividing them into tiny bubbles to facilitate penetration of nutrients and accelerate skin absorption. The thermal effects of Ultrasonic waves are absorbed into skin tissues which generates heat in the skin, fat, and muscles. This effect can stimulate blood circulation, lymph circulation, and strengthen blood vessels thereby boosting metabolism. A 5Mhz ultrasound therapy machine has the shortest ultrasonic waves that penetrate 0.5 cm (0.2") into the skin. Therefore, it is specially efficient for facial usage. It is usually recommended for skin & facial rejuvenation, fat removal, cellulite, scars & scar tissue, sunburn, bruises, superficial cuts & scrapes.

Product Features

  • 5MHz Frequency ultrasonic waves =5 million stimulation to skin per second to focus and repair the skin surface and face layers. This is best frequency for facial skin and other sensitive skin
  • Accelerates blood circulation and metabolism
  • Whitens black spots, freckles and aged marks
  • Reduces harmful bacteria and eliminates pimples
  • Firms skin texture, reduces wrinkles, deep cleans and moisturizes
  • Accelerates blood circulation and metabolism
  • The heat is generated in proportion to the intensity of the ultrasonic waves
  • Ultrasonic effects the skin in two ways:
    • Mechanical Effects: The pulse of the ultrasonic waves gives a massaging effect on skin tissues that promotes the metabolism of collagen. It also activates fibroblast (connective tissue forming cells), Enhances skin elasticity, strengthens muscles, accelerates the n5utrition supply to skin tissues , purifies the skin cells and provides elasticity to connective tissues
    • Chemical Effects: Ultrasonic activates skin by inducing a chemical effect on collagen layers, regulating the pH of skin, increasing the activities of APT and improving skin condition by renewing old damaged collagen layers
  • Waterproof design and light-weight, convenient for usage at bath time
  • Cordless, built-in rechargeable battery. No plugs or cords
  • Universal power adapter