Portable Handheld ECG EKG Monitor

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Package Includes

1 Portable ECG Monitor
1 3-Lead ECG Cable
3 Electrode pads
1 USB Cable
1 CD Software
1 Carrying Case
1 User Manual

Product Description

Periodic measurement of ECG and immediate diagnosis when abnormality is of concern is the key for the prevention of increasing heart diseases. This handheld ECG monitor makes measurement simple at anytime and anywhere.  It provides patients with cardiovascular disease, such as coronary disease, hypertension, hyperlipaemia, diabetes, palpitation, chest tightness, chest pain and middle-aged or elderly people a convenient way to closely monitor their heart conditions.  

ECG Generation and Clinical Application

Before a heart contraction the heart generates electrical activity. The activity of the atria and the ventricular are transported to the skin by human tissue. Electrocardiogram (ECG) is the chart of the heart’s electrical activity per beat, which is recorded by the electrocardiograph device on the skin. The importance of ECG is that it can help to diagnose arrhythmia. Today, the ECG is becoming the standard of clinical diagnosis of arrhythmia. The examination of the heart by ECG helps to diagnose the generating matter of the mechanism and choose the appropriate therapy.  

Who needs to have an ECG examination?

The ECG can provide a medical diagnostic reference. Doing ECG examination is recommended for many people. In the past decade many athletes and young people who are unaware of a preexisting heart condition have collapsed during practices and events. From the little league level to the professional level of sports, heart disease is a hidden danger. Many people suffer from diseases such as incretion disease, nerve muscle disease, and electrolyte turbulence. These diseases can be deadly if not monitored and treated.

People such as the elderly, those taking part in athletic activities, overweight persons, those with high blood pressure, and high cholesterol are at risk. Even though there are no symptoms, it is recommended to examine them by way of the ECG. Persons having an asphyxiating sensation or heaviness in the chest, and those with shortness or skips in their breath also may want to use the ECG as a precautionary form of diagnosis to be further inspected by their physician.  

ECG Data Management  

Upload to your PC. The ECG Observer Management software can manage the recorded data. It is convenient for users to view, print, save and analyze the recorded ECG data.

Product Features

  • Lightweight , compact, user friendly and easy handling
  • Two output modes: Unit screen display or Data access interface via computer
  • 3-lead ECG with high sensitivity and accuracy
  • Real-time display of ECG waveform and Heart Rate
  • User-Friendly ECG Recording in seconds
  • Intellectual battery management for over 100 consecutive measurements
  • Show diagnosis result based on the recorded ECG waveform and data
  • Nano glass LCD display has better quality
  • Display screen bigger than Omron portable ECG
  • 4 ways to make a measurement (Palm, Chest, Leg & 3-lead electrode cable measurements)

Technical Specifications

Product Name

Handheld ECG Monitor


Big Nano Glass LCD screen 

Heart Rate Range

30 to 240 bmp


 +/- 2bpm


28 measurements

Electrical Safety

Internally powered equipment,


B-type continuous operating device

Power Supply

DC 3V ( 2 AAA batteries)

Battery Lifetime

Approximately 300 measurements

Software Operating 

Window 2000, XP, Vista and 7


CPU: Pentium 3, 256M, CD-ROM


Display resolution: 1024*768


Approximately 144g (including batteries)


125mm(D) X 70mm(W) X 20mm(H)

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